Our Mission

Love the Bulb is dedicated to protecting the creative spirit of the Albany Bulb, a unique park for the human imagination that has emerged at a former construction debris landfill. We present art, performance, and stewardship events that bring diverse communities together at this shoreline public park. We advocate to preserve the capacity of this unique "loose space" to foster creative play, environmental knowledge, and human connectedness.

Our history

Love the Bulb emerged from an urgent sense that one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most unique open spaces was under threat.  Long treasured as an offbeat platform for art, community gatherings and performance, the Bulb faced plans that envisioned the removal of the art and art materials and the imposition of stricter park rules.  Renovation projects intended to improve the park also unfortunately destroyed some of the art.

Starting in 2013, Albany resident Susan Moffat began documenting the cultural, natural and human resources of the Bulb with the help of UC Berkeley students. They produced maps, photos, and videos in collaboration with the community of people who had made homes amidst the rubble at the Bulb, and who were evicted in 2014. This documentation was part of the Refuge in Refuse: Homesteading Art and Culture Exhibition at the SOMArts Cultural Center in 2015, curated by Robin Lasser, Danielle Siembieda and Barbara Boissevain.

In 2016 Moffat and other other local residents and artists concerned with a creeping erasure of the Bulb's special nature formed an organization called Love the Bulb. Since then, Love the Bulb has presented more than 28 art, nature, and performance events and successfully advocated for more art-friendly policies at the Bulb and has partnered with the City of Albany, which owns the Bulb, on stewardship projects.

Love the Bulb became part of Malcolm Margolin's California Institute for Community, Art and Nature in 2017.  California ICAN is a project of Earth Island Institute, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Our future

The aim of Love the Bulb is to permanently establish the Albany Bulb as a new kind of park--a free-range, participatory research field station for exploring the relationship between humans and nature through the arts. The Bulb can combat nature-deficit disorder and the decline of free play.  The quirky nature of the Bulb can help lure future generations away from their screens and into sandlot playfulness.

Inspired by the Adventure Playground movement,  Wild Zones and creative art parks around the world, Love the Bulb believes that the Bay Area needs an outdoor space where people can play freely with nature--and each other.

What We've Achieved

  • Produced monthly participatory art, performance and environmental education events.

  • Presented BULBFEST in Spring 2018 and Fall 2018

  • Successfully advocated for official policies that acknowledge the value of art at the Bulb

  • Partnered with the City of Albany on stewardship projects

  • Started a native plant garden

  • Partnered with community organizations not only in Albany but in the neighboring cities of Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley, and Oakland

  • Brought diverse new audiences out to enjoy nature and art at the Bulb

  • Sponsored events that foster community conversations and connectedness